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Mulch Ground Covers

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Laying New Mulch

ET Lawn Care LLC often adds mulch to every landscape design and installation project, but you will need to lay new mulch to refresh the look of your landscaping occasionally. Mulch will not only make your landscaping more eye appealing, but offers many other benefits. Laying a layer of mulch over the bare soil will help with soil erosion, make landscaping maintenance easier, improve the health of your plants and adds a nice uniform look to your landscaping beds. Mulch provides many other benefits such as:

  • Moisture Retention: Many plants need constant moisture, mulch helps to keep the soil moist for longer periods of time than just plain dirt. It also slows the evaporation of moisture and reduces the need of frequent watering.
  • Soil Temperature Control: It serves as an insulation for the soil and slows the temperature change. In the spring it helps to keep the soil cooler and absorbs some of the sun's rays. When the temperature begins to drop in the fall the mulch helps to retain the heat allowing plants to continue to grow longer.
  • Weed Control: Healthy plant growth will help push out some weed growth, but a layer of mulch will smother the unwanted weed growth in your landscaping beds. A layer of mulch will help to prevent sunlight from reaching the dirt below so weeds aren't able to grow as easy. When weeds do grow, they're generally easy to remove because they haven't been able to develop a deep root because of the mulch and healthy plants surrounding.
  • Adds Color & Texture: Mulch ground covering creates the base color for your plants to stand out on.

New mulch being installed in landscape bed.

There are many choices of mulch for your landscaping.

We will help you make the best choice for your lawn service needs, keeping in mind what you like as well. Here are a few of the choices of different mulch we may use for your landscape design.

  • Brown Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Red Mulch
  • Rubber Mulch Comes in Brown and Red

If you are ready to refresh your mulch and are located in Tyler, Flint, Whitehouse or other surrounding area, call us at (903) 508-5500 for a free price quote!