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Welcome to the ET Lawn Care LLC website, we provide lawn care that you can count on. We provide weekly & biweekly lawn care in Tyler TX (mowing, edging, weed eating and cleanup). Currently we do not offer one time service. We do not offer any other services. We currently service Tyler, TX and the surrounding area. You can also visit our web page for Lawn Care Services near Flint, TX. Click to call below to request your price quote today. View All Service Areas.

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Our specialty is residential lawn mowing services in Tyler, TX (mowing, edging, weed eating and cleanup). We limit the services we offer and the areas around Tyler, TX we service. We do not offer any other services. We do this so we can provide the best service to out clients. We strive to provide you with the best lawn care services in Tyler TX.

Our goal is to give you a great experience with your lawn care needs without the problems or hassles of dealing with less experienced companies. We use the latest billing and scheduling software to ensure your lawn service always receives a mow on the same day each visit, any other work is done when scheduled and as requested, and your bill is delivered to you accurately and on time.

We will also be there to address your questions or concerns (by phone or email) in a timely and courteous manner, without you having to make numerous calls or requests. We use all commercial grade equipment, and we service it weekly to ensure you get the highest quality lawn maintenance every time.

Our lawn care business is built upon quality service and satisfied customers. We strive to be the best lawn care service provider in the Tyler area. We invite you to check out our online reviews from real customers, our social media pages and examples of our work.

We Do Not Offer One time Service
Because of scheduling & availability constraints, we do not currently offer one time mowing. We have found by not offering one time services, we are able to deliver a more reliable and higher quality service.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you live in the Bullard TX area, please check out our page for Lawn Care Services near Bullard, TX!

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Questions and Answers

Question 1. Do you offer Biweekly (every 2 weeks) service ?
Answer 1. Yes we offer both weekly or every 2 weeks service.

Question 2. Do you offer one time service?
Answer 2. No. We have found by not offering one time service, we are able to deliver a more reliable and higher quality service.

Question 3. Do you accept credit card payments?
Answer 3. Yes. We accept credit card payments. Our clients can login to our client portal and put their credit card information on file. This feature saves our clients time and makes payments simple. When we complete a service, we charge the credit card and email or mail our client a paid invoice.

Question 4. Do you carry libility insurance?
Answer 4. Yes we carry libility insurance for your protection. We do our best not to damage your property but accidents happen. Many of the lawn care providers do not have libility insurance. This can be costly to the customer because they do not realize this until something gets damaged and they are unable to collect for the damages.

Question 5. Do you offer on call service?
Answer 5. No. We offer weekly or every other week service.

Question 6. Do you service the entire City of Tyler, TX?
Answer 6. No. When you request a quote, we will lookup your address and make sure you are located in a area we service before sending you a quote.

Question 7. Is your service on the same day each visit?
Answer 7: We do our best to service your property on the same day each visit. We we get rain, we may fall behind a day or two but we do our best to catch up and get back on schedule as soon as possible.

Question 8. Do you recommend weekly or biweekly service?
Answer 8. This depends on the customer and what they are wanting to accomplish. If you are very proud of you home and want to keep it looking great all the time I would recommend weekly service. If your wanting to spend less and just want to keep from getting a letter from your HOA, then service every 2 weeks might be for you.

Question 9. Do your routes run all year long?
Answer 9. No. During a typical year we will start on routes the first of March and they will continue until the end of November. We have had years that our routes continued to run all the way into January.

Question 10. Do you work in other cities around Tyler TX?
Answer 10. Yes we work in other areas around Tyler. We also service Whitehouse TX, Flint TX and Bullard TX.




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Note: Our services are lawn mowing on a weekly or every 2 week schedule.

We do not offer one time mowing services. 

We do not offer any other services.